(WATERTOWN, N.Y.) – The Volunteer Transportation Center Foundation has partnered with Makes Cents Redemption Center, Watertown, to host a can and bottle drive to raise funds for the Volunteer Transportation Center.

Throughout the month of August, a trailer will be parked at the main office of the Volunteer Transportation Center, 24685 State Route 37, Watertown, where the community may drop off redeemable cans and bottles.

“We are excited to partner with Makes Cents Redemption Center in this effort to raise money for the VTC,” said Jeremiah S. Papineau, the organization’s Foundation Director and Director of Communications. “They’re always happy to help the community and organizations like ours. We hope that those who have extra bottles and cans laying around and just taking up space will bring them to this drive to help us add to a collection we’ve already started that will help this fundraiser.”

The money raised from redeeming the cans and bottles at the end of the drive will help the VTC in its mission to provide essential rides for individuals in the community who require transportation to medical appointments. This is done by providing mileage reimbursement for volunteer drivers who transport clients to their appointments.

“Our organization is able to provide these rides free of charge to people in the community thanks to fundraisers like this, meaning the support of the community is crucial,” said Mr. Papineau. “Every donation counts and the funds generated will directly impact the lives of our neighbors in the community.”

In addition to the donation trailer, those wishing to support the Volunteer Transportation Center may drop off their redeemable cans and bottles at Makes Cents Redemption Center, 904 Leray St., Watertown, and ask that their redeemables benefit the VTC. The VTC Foundation welcomes all individuals and businesses to participate, encouraging everyone to contribute.

For more information about the donation drive, contact Mr. Papineau at 315-303-2590 or via email at foundation@volunteertransportation.org.


The Volunteer Transportation Center, Inc. (VTC), established in 1991, drives thousands of miles each year assisting community members in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties and beyond. Over the last 30 years, this essential non-profit organization has provided rides to health care appointments, food sources and other critical needs destinations for residents.

In 2022, volunteer drivers provided 26,487 charitable trips over 878,240 miles in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence Counties. Of those miles, 376,604 helped those in Jefferson County, 137,743 in Lewis County, and 363,893 in St. Lawrence County. That equated to approximately $439,120 in mileage reimbursement for our volunteers. The staff, boards of directors and volunteer drivers look forward to a time when transportation to community activities and services is accessible to all North Country residents regardless of economic or specialized needs. But for now the mission drives on — striving to provide transportation to health, wellness and critical needs destinations utilizing volunteers and mobility management for anyone who has barriers to transportation.

For more information about how you can help the Volunteer Transportation Center, about its upcoming events, or to become a volunteer driver, contact the agency in Jefferson and Lewis Counties at 315-788-0422, in St. Lawrence County at 315-714-2034, or Western New York at 585-250-5030. Volunteers drive their own cars, set their own hours and receive mileage reimbursement but, more importantly, make a difference in the community. To learn more, visit www.volunteertransportationcenter.org.