The Volunteer Transportation Center’s Corporate Compliance Office may be reached by calling (315) 755-2902.

An anonymous concern my be reported using our online system. Visit and use the VTCORG as our agency specific code.

Please understand that these complaints are for concerns regarding policy violations, HIPAA/privacy issues, theft, and unethical behavior.

Examples of Compliance concerns are:

  • Theft in volunteer driver vehicles
  • Suspicion of personnel accessing client records inappropriately
  • Breach of patient confidentiality
  • Password sharing
  • Suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in regards to billing and coding


This policy is intended to communicate current provisions regarding compliance. The Board reserves the right to change, modify, or waive all provisions herein. If any employee has a question concerning a particular provision contained herein or concerning any practice not addressed in this document, he or she should consult with the Compliance Officer.

The VTC has created a compliance policy and procedure that articulate the VTC’s commitment to comply with all Federal, and State regulations. Many of these policies/procedures are designed to prevent fraud and abuse by providing guidelines for individuals working in certain “at-risk” areas. Our compliance standards apply equally to ALL employees regardless of tenure or rank within the organization. It is the responsibility of each employee to become familiar with the standards and procedures that apply to their day-to-day activities and to comply with such policies at all times. In addition, acceptance of the Code of Conduct is a mandatory aspect of employment which must be reaffirmed annually by each employee.

Violations of the VTC’s compliance program threaten our status as a reliable, honest and trustworthy provider and may result in our being excluded from participating in Federal healthcare programs. For this reason, the Corporate Compliance Officer will promptly respond to any and all reports of non-compliance. Records of such investigations will contain documentation of the alleged violation, a description of the investigative process, copies of interview notes and key documents, and the results of the investigation.

Please contact our Corporate Compliance Office at (315) 788-0422 for related policies.

Review Date: 4/5/2022